About us

PPIgroup.at is a gaming community with thousands of active members every day talking about gaming and stock tips. We created PPIgroup.at to meet the high demand for quality tips today. Our recorders are of high quality and they are completely free, creating a unique community where our users also share their thoughts and tips, completely free of charge. Welcome to PPIgroup.at Cuteest little playing family!

We are behind the launch of PPIgroup.at is a group of people who are concerned about online prospects and gambling. We have had some years of experience in this and some of us have previously worked for the large Swedish gaming companies. This means that we have good investigators in the industry, and we know how to set and assess probabilities, because gaming sites and campaigns are good and that gaming companies avoid.

Our advantage is that we are completely independent of the gaming companies, which means that we are never biased on gaming sites that we market in our gaming community.