What to Consider Before Choosing an Online Betting Site

How to choose the best online betting website

Betting in soccer has become so popular that competition among online betting sites has driven improvements for a better user experience which includes not only better odds but also enhanced security and professional customer support around the clock. Soccer fans can now bet on games within smaller leagues around the world as well as the top-flight leagues in Europe such as the English Premier League.

With betting now possible from mobile devices, often from the comfort of home, the size of the betting market has grown fast and is forecast to do so for several more years. This has led to some unscrupulous sites that withhold winnings and close accounts without warning. Security of a site is the first consideration, and sites like 1xBet alternative have been around long enough to have built up a good reputation. With 1xBet alternative, punters can gain access to the official site without the need for a VPN.

Check reviews

Look for licensed betting sites. These sites have been audited by a regulatory authority and have in place checks that keep your personal information and your finances safe. Check reviews by industry professionals and other account holders to see how the site rates for customer service, odds offered and the reliability of the site on major match days so if you are betting in-play you know your bet will go through without issue.

The best odds

When considering an online betting site, you can sign up to more than one operator. This is so that you can compare the odds on offer as one site is unlikely to offer the best odds all the time. This is most important when looking to see narrowing or widening odds. The strongest betting sites for soccer will have the sport as the main focus of its portfolio which means that it should have a more accurate betting trend for the match. Some of the biggest soccer leagues will be better covered by betting sites from the country where those leagues are based. This means that La Liga bets will be better from Spanish betting companies and the Premier League from betting operators.


Consider what you want from your online betting site. You may have specific preferences around the bets offered, payment method options and accessibility. Once you have narrowed down the search of sites that fit your requirements, you can then access the free demo site to see if it offers the user experience that you enjoy before you consider depositing money on your account.

Betting formats

Online betting sites offer far more than the traditional bets most new punters are used to, such as the final result, goal scorers, over/under goals, double chance and more. Many sites are attracting new punters with prop markets where it is possible to place a bet on the number of passes, tackles and shots by individual players. Bets can also be made on player transfers to other clubs and managers leaving or sacked from their job.

Live streaming

Some online betting sites offer live streaming in tandem with in-play betting. This is a good choice for those who do not have a sports channel subscription. These games are usually from popular leagues such as La Liga and Serie A.